Kanye Releases Jewelry Collection, The Life of Pablo Goes Platinum, Kendall Jenner Drops Controversial Pepsi Ad, Kimye Discusses Baby No. 3

Real fans. How many of us. How many of us. How many of us—TIME ISSUES. How many of us. How many zealous? Real fans. There are so many of us. We hug each other. But how many waste their days away doing a Kanye podcast? TIME ISSUES. Kanye switched up his style. He can't be bothered, I cannot blame him, for havin' a jewelry line, I ain't got no issues, I'm just doin' my thing—hope he doin' his thing too. Kendall is an awesome sister, improves family reunions. Fuck the Pepsi ad up by drinking at the protest. Spillin' freedom, now the youth is ruined. Political for a day—what the fuck we doin'? Who the real fans? We all came from College Dropout. We always blamin' Ye, but what's sad, he not the problem. Damn we talked about The Wiz, shit I thought it was the MJ Cast. Why you wait a week write a bad review in the first place? When was the last time we remembered to keep the episode short? When was the last time we was even in a hurry? Real fans. If you would like to support the show, visit our Patreon page.

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