365: How many mcg of push-dose norepinephrine is needed to prevent hypotension?Jan 17, 2019 Listen
364: The 2018 ACLS Antiarrhythmic Drug UpdateJan 14, 2019 Listen
363: An antibiotic stewardship intervention that reduced infection related mortality from 25% to 11%Jan 10, 2019 Listen
362: 7 vs 14 days of antibiotics in gram-negative bacteremia, using cefazolin to predict sensitivity to cephalexin sensitivity, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesJan 07, 2019 Listen
361: 4 steps to use in the management of medication overdoseJan 03, 2019 Listen
360: A gram stain-based algorithm for antibiotic selection in patients with suspected VAPDec 31, 2018 Listen
359: How lactated ringers solution can play a role in managing a sodium bicarbonate shortageDec 27, 2018 Listen
358: Antibiotic exposure and development of resistance, naloxone for clonidine toxicity, and a tip for responding to medical emergenciesDec 24, 2018 Listen
357: What is a Monte Carlo simulation?Dec 20, 2018 Listen
356: Vancomycin dosing by AUC:MIC instead of trough levelDec 17, 2018 Listen
355: Does giving an antibiotic IV push affect the pharmacodynamic exposure?Dec 13, 2018 Listen
354: Results of a major ICU stress ulcer prophylaxis trial and the duration of chest wall rigidity from fentanylDec 10, 2018 Listen
353: The format I use to write a pharmacy progress noteDec 06, 2018 Listen
352: Using basal insulin in the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosisDec 03, 2018 Listen
351: The best way to memorize pharmacologyNov 29, 2018 Listen
350: Effect of propofol and dexmedetomidine on norepinephrine requirements in patients with septic shock, amantadine in TBI, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesNov 26, 2018 Listen
349: What to do about serum calcium during a massive transfusionNov 22, 2018 Listen
348: De-escalating anti-MRSA therapy in culture-negative nosocomial pneumonia, should low serum calcium be replaced by protocol in the ICU, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesNov 19, 2018 Listen
347: Medication-related causes of green urineNov 15, 2018 Listen
346: Medication-related causes of elevated serum lactateNov 12, 2018 Listen
345: Does double anaerobic coverage ever make sense?Nov 08, 2018 Listen
344: Inhaled tranexamic acid for hemoptysis, milrinone in CRRT, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesNov 05, 2018 Listen
343: What to expect when calling poison control to discuss a toxicology caseNov 01, 2018 Listen
342: Three drug interactions every critical care pharmacist should know how to manageOct 29, 2018 Listen
341: Why is the maximum dose of IV labetatol 300 mg?Oct 25, 2018 Listen
340: Can piperacillin-tazobactam be used in ESBL, adjunctive dexamethasone in bacterial meningitis, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesOct 22, 2018 Listen
339: Cyproheptadine in mild to moderate serotonin syndromeOct 18, 2018 Listen
338: The role of proactive desmopressin in the treatment of severe hyponatremiaOct 15, 2018 Listen
337: Determining the electricity dose on the peripheral nerve stimulatorOct 11, 2018 Listen
336: Comparison of two lidocaine administration techniques on perceived pain from bedside procedures, can vasopressors be given via the intraosseous route, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesOct 08, 2018 Listen
Episode 335: What can you do when the analgesic effect of an opioid does not last the entire dosing interval?Oct 04, 2018 Listen
334: How to Manage Pain from Wound VAC Dressing ChangesOct 01, 2018 Listen
333: Why is hematochezia especially concerning in patients with upper GI bleeding?Sep 27, 2018 Listen
332: How to predict oversedation in hospitalized patients, nitroglycerin for hepatic artery spasm in the interventional radiology suite, and a tip for responding to medical emergenciesSep 24, 2018 Listen
331: The first thing I tell PGY-1 residents and APPE students on rotation with meSep 20, 2018 Listen
330: Beware of using propofol for “moderate” sedation in the EDSep 17, 2018 Listen
329: Can buprenorphine be used in opioid overdose?Sep 13, 2018 Listen
328: Medications that may increase weakness and impair neuromuscular transmission in patients with myasthenia gravisSep 10, 2018 Listen
327: When should combination therapy in sepsis be de-escalated to monotherapy?Sep 06, 2018 Listen
326: Thiamine to improve outcomes in septic shock, why the dose of adenosine is reduced when given via a central line, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesSep 03, 2018 Listen
325: When prophylactic anticoagulation can be confused with full-intensity anticoagulationAug 30, 2018 Listen
324: 2018 Updated Pain, Agitation/Sedation, Delirium, Immobility, and Sleep Disruption (PADIS) GuidelinesAug 27, 2018 Listen
323: Why patients with variceal bleeding should receive antibioticsAug 23, 2018 Listen
322: Prothrombin time and bleeding in hospitalized patients receiving rivaroxaban, melatonin and physical dependence, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesAug 20, 2018 Listen
321: The most important piece of information to find out before ICU roundsAug 16, 2018 Listen
320: When to use octreotide for upper GI bleedingAug 13, 2018 Listen
319: Are folic acid and folinic acid interchangeable for the treatment of methanol toxicity?Aug 09, 2018 Listen
318: Half-dose versus full-dose alteplase for PE, enoxaparin vs heparin after alteplase for PE, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesAug 06, 2018 Listen
317: Assessing response to antibiotic therapy in community acquired pneumoniaAug 02, 2018 Listen
316: Iatrogenic propylene glycol toxicityJul 30, 2018 Listen
315: How long do you continue CPR after giving IV push alteplase for pulmonary embolism related cardiac arrest?Jul 26, 2018 Listen
314: Daptomycin vs linezolid for VRE bacterial clearance, should lidocaine be added to potassium infusions to reduce pain, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesJul 23, 2018 Listen
313: How to taper a dexmedetomidine infusionJul 19, 2018 Listen
312: A Pharmacist s primer for understanding the continuum of depth of sedationJul 16, 2018 Listen
311: When is coag-negative staph a pathogen?Jul 12, 2018 Listen
310: Cost effective C diff treatment, phenobarbital monotherapy in severe alcohol withdrawal, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesJul 09, 2018 Listen
309: Can andexanet alpha be used to reverse heparin?Jul 05, 2018 Listen
308: Causes, treatment, and prevention of stridorJul 02, 2018 Listen
307: How desmopressin (DDAVP) can be used for intracranial hemorrhageJun 28, 2018 Listen
306: Order of vasopressor discontinuation, why is daptomycin dosed once daily, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesJun 25, 2018 Listen
305: Critical care scenarios where the monitoring and replacement of calcium are warrantedJun 21, 2018 Listen
304: Lactate clearance in sepsis isn t as straightforward as the guidelines make it seemJun 18, 2018 Listen
303: Evaluating lithium levels in the setting of lithium toxicityJun 14, 2018 Listen
302: FEIBA vs KCentra, intermittent vs continuous PPIs, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesJun 11, 2018 Listen
301: IV compatibility in critical situationsJun 07, 2018 Listen
300: Catheter-directed alteplase for pulmonary embolismJun 04, 2018 Listen
299: Beware the unknown toxicokinetics of loperamideMay 31, 2018 Listen
298: Subcutaneous dexmedetomidine, why IV dextrose is given to patients with DKA, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesMay 28, 2018 Listen
297: How long does it take for high dose insulin for calcium channel blocker or beta blocker overdose to start working?May 24, 2018 Listen
296: Dosing of beta-lactam antibiotics in the setting of augmented renal clearanceMay 21, 2018 Listen
295: A classic systematic review and meta-analysis counterargument to evidence based medicineMay 17, 2018 Listen
294: Infusion rate for analgesic doses of ketamine, Is sodium polystyrene sulfate effective for the treatment of severe, acute hyperkalemia, and a tip for responding to inpatient medical emergenciesMay 14, 2018 Listen
293: Hyperkalemia and why the order of treatment mattersMay 10, 2018 Listen
292: Wernicke s encephalopathy (Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome)May 07, 2018 Listen
291: Short-acting opioid dose titration tips for inpatients with uncontrolled acute painMay 03, 2018 Listen
290: Trends in Use of Midodrine in the ICU, phentolamine for dobutamine extravasation, and a resource for targeted medication safety best practices for hospitalsApr 30, 2018 Listen
289: The 4 most common fixes to inadequate pain managementApr 26, 2018 Listen
288: The one formula that explains (almost) all inpatient medical emergenciesApr 23, 2018 Listen
287: How to stop stumbling through conversations with physiciansApr 19, 2018 Listen
286: Oral versus intraoperative i.v. acetaminophen, Should vasopressin be started at the same time as norepinephrine in septic shock? And a resource on what a pharmacist should know about mechanical ventilationApr 16, 2018 Listen
285: The easiest single thing hospital pharmacists can do to increase their productivityApr 12, 2018 Listen
284: Updated 2018 IDSA C. difficile guidelinesApr 09, 2018 Listen
283: Why are patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis given prednisolone?Apr 05, 2018 Listen
282: Predicting intubation-related cardiac arrest, apnea risk of ketamine, and a resource for patients who cannot have a blood transfusionApr 02, 2018 Listen
281: The 3 skill levels of pharmacists who respond to code blue and rapid response team callsMar 29, 2018 Listen
280: Beta-lactam antibiotic dosing concerns in obese adult patientsMar 26, 2018 Listen
279: Is the Critical Care Pain Observation Tool the best non-verbal pain scale to use in the ICU?Mar 22, 2018 Listen
278: KCentra vs FEIBA, ibuprofen in hemodialysis, and a resource for individualized antibiotic dosingMar 19, 2018 Listen
277: Why as a pharmacist you need to “know what you don t know”Mar 15, 2018 Listen
276: Top 100 Drug Interactions ReviewMar 12, 2018 Listen
275: Characteristics of dexmedetomidine induced feverMar 08, 2018 Listen
274: Modification of guideline-directed medical therapy in heart failure, linezolid in nec fasc, and how to get full-text journal accessMar 05, 2018 Listen
273: When alteplase is given for PE-related cardiac arrest, how long should CPR be continued?Mar 01, 2018 Listen
272: How to make sure your hospital is prepared to administer lipid rescue therapyFeb 26, 2018 Listen
271: Should dexmedetomidine be started with a loading dose?Feb 22, 2018 Listen
270: Stress ulcer prophylaxis vs enteral nutrition, tamsulosin for trial without catheter in a female patient, and a resource for understanding statistical significance versus the clinical importance of observed effect sizesFeb 19, 2018 Listen
269: What is a safe amount to increase short acting opioid doses to control acute pain in hospital inpatients?Feb 15, 2018 Listen
268: How to study for and pass BCPS or any Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties examFeb 12, 2018 Listen
267: The 3 different dose-dependent effects of dopamineFeb 08, 2018 Listen
266: Corticosteroids in septic shock, which dose of vasopressin should be used, and a resource for residency and job interviewsFeb 05, 2018 Listen
265: How to dose magnesium sulfate to treat torsadesFeb 01, 2018 Listen
264: How a pharmacist can assess a critical care patientJan 29, 2018 Listen
263: What makes ketamine different from other sedatives & analgesics used in critical care?Jan 25, 2018 Listen
262: Which vasopressor should be stopped first? Do patients with liver disease and prolonged PT/INR levels still need VTE prophylaxis? And a resource that reviews noteworthy Emergency Medicine articles from 2017Jan 22, 2018 Listen
261: How to predict and confirm augmented renal clearanceJan 18, 2018 Listen
260: How to tell if a patient is about to be intubatedJan 15, 2018 Listen
259: Is the interaction between metoclopramide and olanzapine significant?Jan 11, 2018 Listen
258: Higher vs. lower MAP targets, should a higher dose of heparin be used for VTE prophylaxis in obese patients, and a resource for patient education materials on sepsisJan 08, 2018 Listen
257: Preventing injection site pain from etomidateJan 04, 2018 Listen
256: Angiotensin II for the Treatment of Vasodilatory ShockJan 01, 2018 Listen
255: How to taper off steroids used for adrenal insufficiency in septic shockDec 28, 2017 Listen
254: High-dose daptomycin for patients with MRSA bacteremia, which patients receiving once-daily gentamicin dosing should have a trough level checked, and a resource for up to date antimicrobial sensitivity breakpointsDec 25, 2017 Listen
253: How to wean a naloxone infusionDec 21, 2017 Listen
252: StenotrophomonasDec 18, 2017 Listen
251: The 3 factors that predict hypotension from dexmedetomidineDec 14, 2017 Listen
250: Ketamine infusion for sedation in mechanically ventilated patients, therapeutic hypothermia and anticoagulation, and a resource for HIV guidelinesDec 11, 2017 Listen
249: 3 pearls for dosing vancomycinDec 07, 2017 Listen
248: Current strategies for the reversal of life-threatening bleeding due to direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs)Dec 04, 2017 Listen
247: The one question to ask before deciding the dose of naloxone to give a hospital inpatientNov 30, 2017 Listen
246: Part 2 of the Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Critical Illness-Related Corticosteroid Insufficiency (CIRCI) in Critically Ill Patients, does dexmedetomidine prolong the QTc interval? and a resource for looking up chemical and physical properties of a medicationNov 27, 2017 Listen
245: Why you can t use dexmedetomidine as monotherapy for severe alcohol withdrawalNov 23, 2017 Listen
244: Management of hyponatremiaNov 20, 2017 Listen
243: How to fit topic discussions into your busy preceptor scheduleNov 16, 2017 Listen
242: Mortality effects of prolonged versus short-term intravenous infusion of antipseudomonal β-lactams, bicarb IV compatibility, and a free resource for checking IV compatibilityNov 13, 2017 Listen
241: Can olanzapine be given intravenously?Nov 09, 2017 Listen
240: What to do with norepinephrine extravasationNov 06, 2017 Listen
239: The paradox of benzodiazepines & respiratory failure in severe alcohol withdrawalNov 02, 2017 Listen
238: Ketamine as an analgesic adjunct in critically ill patients, at what MIC should an alternative to vancomycin be used to treat meningitis, and a resource for those interested in pharmacy compoundingOct 30, 2017 Listen
237: Why can t you give calcium gluconate by rapid IV push?Oct 26, 2017 Listen
236: Cyproheptadine to treat serotonin syndromeOct 23, 2017 Listen
235: Alternatives to fentanyl for continuous sedation due to the shortageOct 19, 2017 Listen
234: 5 vs 10 units of insulin for hyperkalemia, how long can you use high dose insulin for a calcium channel blocker overdose, and a resource for learning about pharmacologic issues in anesthesiaOct 16, 2017 Listen
233: How to taper a vasopressor infusion using oral midodrineOct 12, 2017 Listen
232: How to deal with allergic reactions to local anesthetics, and a tip on how to memorize ester vs. amide anestheticsOct 09, 2017 Listen
231: 4 Pearls for the use of daptomycin in the ICUOct 05, 2017 Listen
230: IVIG for refractory HIT, differences in QTc risk among quinolones, and a resource for searching FDA reports of adverse reactions to medicationsOct 02, 2017 Listen
229: Why you should never treat sinus tachycardiaSep 28, 2017 Listen
228: 3 Points to keep in mind when preparing your pharmacy department s code response planSep 25, 2017 Listen
227: What to do about the serum potassium when treating DKA or HHS?Sep 21, 2017 Listen
226: Nebulized amikacin to treat hospital and ventilator associated pneumonia, sodium polystyrene sulfate and intestinal necrosis, and a resource for pharmacy calculations and other useful informationSep 18, 2017 Listen
225: There are only 2 reasons to reduce a medication dose for renal insufficiency in the ICUSep 14, 2017 Listen
224: Pharmacotherapy considerations during massive transfusionSep 11, 2017 Listen
223: What an ICU pharmacist should do if your patient has stridorSep 07, 2017 Listen
222: Fondaparinux in critically ill patients with severe renal dysfunction, clindamycin in necrotizing fasciitis, and a resource to make your midyear poster presentation easier to readSep 04, 2017 Listen
221: How to monitor neuromuscular blocker infusions without a baseline train of fourAug 31, 2017 Listen
220: Why is it important to check the 4T score before further testing for heparin induced thrombocytopenia?Aug 28, 2017 Listen
219: How to dose methylene blue for the treatment of acquired methemoglobinemiaAug 24, 2017 Listen
218: Double carbapenem use for severe carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae infections, dexamethasone dose for cerebral edema, and a resource for therapeutic hypothermiaAug 21, 2017 Listen
217: How to dose lipid emulsion for enteral drug toxicityAug 17, 2017 Listen
216: Should the dose of ceftriaxone in critically ill patients be 1 gram or 2 grams?Aug 14, 2017 Listen
215: Is the potential for serotonin syndrome from linezolid plus fentanyl relevant in ICU patients?Aug 10, 2017 Listen
214: Readmission for recurrent sepsis, lactated ringers and the bicarbonate shortage, and a resource to learn about ongoing clinical trialsAug 07, 2017 Listen
213: How can you tell if you need to adjust a medication dose for a patient receiving ECMO?Aug 03, 2017 Listen
212: Starting extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the ED & ECMO pharmacotherapy – an interview with Joe Bellezzo MD & Ashkan Khabazian PharmDJul 31, 2017 Listen
211: When should empiric double coverage for pseudomonas be used for HAP?Jul 27, 2017 Listen
210: Antibiotic stewardship in aspiration pneumonia, green urine after methylene blue, and a resource on critical care toxicologyJul 24, 2017 Listen
209: The first question is usually not the real questionJul 20, 2017 Listen
208: How to cheat at journal club (ethically) and still be able to sleep at night.Jul 17, 2017 Listen
207: Treatment options for refractory status epilepticusJul 13, 2017 Listen
206: Gabapentin is associated with postoperative respiratory failure, can IV labetalol be continued after the 300 mg maximum has been reached, and a resource for building a smart pump libraryJul 10, 2017 Listen
205: The most important class of drugs to check with a new CRRT startJul 06, 2017 Listen
204: A pharmacist’s mind should be treated like a factory, not a warehouseJul 03, 2017 Listen
203: How to use ketamine as a rescue analgesicJun 29, 2017 Listen
202: IV acetaminophen in critically ill adults, why is my post-op patient who is on rifampin at home still in pain after being given fentanyl?, and a resource for the treatment of intracranial hypertension after traumatic brain injuryJun 26, 2017 Listen
201: How to tell the difference between serotonin syndrome, malignant hyperthermia, and neuroleptic malignant syndrome?Jun 22, 2017 Listen
200: Etomidate use in the ICUJun 19, 2017 Listen
199: Withholding stress ulcer prophylaxis in critically ill patients, can pancrelipase pellets be given via gastrostomy tube, and a resource from Vanderbilt University School of MedicineJun 15, 2017 Listen
198: How to use high dose insulin therapy for beta-blocker or calcium channel blocker overdoseJun 12, 2017 Listen
197: Delay in the 2nd dose of antibiotic for septic patients, is it OK to give lactated ringers to a septic patient with elevated lactate, and a resource for learning about rare disordersJun 08, 2017 Listen
196: How to easily perform a Monte Carlo Simulation in under 10 minutes using Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Google SheetsJun 05, 2017 Listen
195: Is allometric dosing of vancomycin likely to achieve AUC/MIC ratio over 400?Jun 01, 2017 Listen
194: Interaction between valproic acid and carbapenem antibiotics should it be considered contraindicated in ICU patients?May 29, 2017 Listen
193: Allometric vancomycin dosing, how long to give steroids be given for severe alcoholic hepatitis, and an allometric vancomycin dosing calculatorMay 25, 2017 Listen
192: Sodium bicarbonate alternatives due to the current shortageMay 22, 2017 Listen
191: Effects of IV push administration on beta-lactam pharmacodynamics, duration of octreotide in variceal bleeding, and a video based resourceMay 18, 2017 Listen
190: Do patients taking warfarin for atrial fibrillation require bridging?May 15, 2017 Listen
189: Preventing post-extubation stridor, giving ceftriaxone for variceal bleeding, and a resource for antibiotic informationMay 11, 2017 Listen
188: The use of volatile anesthetic agents (isoflurane, desflurane, sevoflurane) for ICU sedationMay 08, 2017 Listen
187: Combination antibiotic bag (CAB) in severe sepsis and septic shockMay 04, 2017 Listen
186: The risk of anesthetic awareness when giving rocuronium before ketamine (rocketamine) in rapid sequence intubationMay 01, 2017 Listen
185: Antibiotics in the ambulance to avoid emergency department delays, protease inhibitors for necrotizing fasciitis, and a simple way to get ACPE creditsApr 27, 2017 Listen
184: What is the analgesic ceiling dose of ketorolac?Apr 24, 2017 Listen
183: Piperacillin-tazobactam pharmacokinetics in critically ill patients, how quick do you need dantrolene in MH, and false positive urine drug screensApr 20, 2017 Listen
182: Alternative anticoagulation strategies for continuous renal replacement therapy during the calcium shortageApr 17, 2017 Listen
181: Antibiotic de-escalation in septic patients, is linezolid ever bacteriocidal, and financial advice for pharmacists by a pharmacistApr 13, 2017 Listen
180: Pain assessment and treatment in ICU patients unable to communicate verballyApr 10, 2017 Listen
179: Pharmacists decrease infection-related mortality almost as much as vitamin C, thrombolytics for PE if the patient is on apixaban, and idstewardship.comApr 06, 2017 Listen
178: Healthcare-Associated Ventriculitis and Meningitis GuidelinesApr 03, 2017 Listen
177: Vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and thiamine for severe sepsis and septic shockMar 30, 2017 Listen
176: Double anaerobic coverageMar 27, 2017 Listen
175: Effectiveness of conivaptan and tolvaptan in neurocritically ill patients, carbamazepine plus oxcarbazepine, and a resource that helps justify alternate dosing schedules for meropenem and cefepimeMar 23, 2017 Listen
174: Tapering medications in the ICUMar 20, 2017 Listen
173: Ciraparantag/PER977 to reverse edoxaban, how to relower serum sodium if it is corrected too fast, and a resource for intranasal medication deliveryMar 16, 2017 Listen
172: Should SSRIs and SNRIs be discontinued in the setting of active bleeding?Mar 13, 2017 Listen
171: Push-dose norepinephrine, methylene blue for vasoplegia, and a resource for hereditary angioedemaMar 09, 2017 Listen
170: When to use (and when not to use) tranexamic acid in critically ill patientsMar 06, 2017 Listen
169: Platelet transfusion and hospital acquired infection, buprenorphine for methadone overdose, and a resource for toxicology emergenciesMar 02, 2017 Listen
168: The case for temporarily holding lithium upon admission to the Medical/Surgical ICUFeb 27, 2017 Listen
167: Sedative requirements in stimulant users, mannitol extravasation, and an ISMP anticoagulation resourceFeb 23, 2017 Listen
166: Mannitol for elevated ICP (intracranial pressure)Feb 20, 2017 Listen
165: Valproate protein binding in critically ill patients, onset of angioedema after starting an ACE inhibitor, and the perfect writing instrumentFeb 16, 2017 Listen
164: Drug induced pancreatitisFeb 13, 2017 Listen
163: Apixaban vs warfarin in severe renal impairment, methylprednisolone for intraoperative spinal cord injury, and a resource for CMS – TJC quality measuresFeb 09, 2017 Listen
162: What to do when you have a negative interaction with a member of the care teamFeb 06, 2017 Listen
161: qSOFA in ED patients, folic acid vs folinic acid as cofactor therapy in methanol toxicity, and a FOAMed parodyFeb 02, 2017 Listen
160: Three reasons why 1 clinical pharmacist on the unit = 2 in the officeJan 30, 2017 Listen
159: Updated sepsis guidelinesJan 26, 2017 Listen
158: Career transitions within pharmacy from community (retail) to hospital pharmacist and from staff to clinical pharmacistJan 23, 2017 Listen
157: Procalcitonin is associated with improved outcomes, cefepime dosing strategies in CRRT, and a resource for aggregating literatureJan 19, 2017 Listen
156: How to evaluate drug interactionsJan 16, 2017 Listen
155: Early discontinuation of antibiotics in VAP, relative bradycardia in drug fever, and a way to gain more minutes before 9am in your dayJan 12, 2017 Listen
154: One equation hospital pharmacists should use every day (and it s not Cockcroft-Gault)Jan 09, 2017 Listen
153: Daptomycin dose in VRE bacteremia, SCDs plus chemoprophylaxis for VTE prevention, and a resource for QTc prolonging medicationsJan 05, 2017 Listen
152: Ockham’s Razor vs. Hickam’s DictumJan 02, 2017 Listen
151: Ketorolac ceiling dose, paralytics for shivering, and a resource for interpreting laboratory dataDec 29, 2016 Listen
Episode 150: Treatment of intracranial hemorrhage after thrombolytic therapyDec 26, 2016 Listen
149: Comparing types of antibiotic stewardship interventions, acute amiodarone lung toxicity, and free emergency medicine talksDec 22, 2016 Listen
148: Interference of oral Xa inhibitors with heparin Xa assaysDec 19, 2016 Listen
147: Corticosteroids in severe sepsis, albuterol and hypokalemia, and a resource for learning about critical care pharmacyDec 15, 2016 Listen
146: Pulmonary embolism response teams (PERT)Dec 12, 2016 Listen
145: Prospective data supporting extended infusion piperacillin-tazobactam, how to wean a naloxone infusion, and a resource for toxicology concernsDec 08, 2016 Listen
144: The three ongoing trials that will bring clarity to the question of when to use stress ulcer prophylaxisDec 05, 2016 Listen
143: Linezolid in patients on CRRT, should insulin detemir be given once or twice daily, and a resource for researching the hepatotoxicity potential of a given medicationDec 01, 2016 Listen
142: Amiodarone induced hepatotoxicityNov 28, 2016 Listen
141: Volatile agents for ICU sedation, IV vs oral antihypertensives in stroke, and reversal of antithrombotics in intracranial hemorrhage guidelinesNov 24, 2016 Listen
140: Dexmedetomidine & etomidate are better than ketamineNov 21, 2016 Listen
139: Apnea from ketamine used for delayed sequence intubation, posaconazole induced hypokalemia, and the content outline for the BCCCP examEpisode 139: Apnea from ketamine used for delayed sequence intubation, posaconazole induced hypokalemia, and the content outline for the BCCCP examNov 17, 2016 Listen
138: The role of sodium bicarbonate in critically ill patientsNov 14, 2016 Listen
137: Piperacillin-tazobactam induced acute kidney injury, tapering steroids in septic shock, an antibiotic sensitivity overviewNov 10, 2016 Listen
136: Can midodrine be used to wean IV vasopressors?Nov 07, 2016 Listen
135: Levosimendan in sepsis, intubating a severe pulmonary hypertension patient, and how to become a journal peer reviewerNov 03, 2016 Listen
134: Stress ulcer prophylaxis in critically ill patients – where are the guidelines?Oct 31, 2016 Listen
133: IV acetaminophen causes hypotension, basal PCA rates in opioid naive patients, and a resource for extracting ICD-10 codes from natural languageOct 27, 2016 Listen
132: Treatment of calcium channel blocker overdose in adult patientsOct 24, 2016 Listen
131: Calcium replacement may be harmful, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim dosing in morbid obesity, and a resource for switching to anti-XA heparin monitoringOct 20, 2016 Listen
130: Lithium toxicityOct 17, 2016 Listen
129: Predicting dexmedetomidine-associated hypotension, long term side effects from metronidazole, and a resource for patient safety in critical careOct 13, 2016 Listen
128: How to prepare a knowledge-based in-service or continuing pharmacy education lectureOct 10, 2016 Listen
127: Chloride content effect on patient outcomes, treatment for severe, complicated c diff, and medication identificationOct 06, 2016 Listen
126: Anti-xa vs aPTT for heparin infusion monitoringOct 03, 2016 Listen
125: Adjusted weight dosing of heparin in obese patients, how long is glucose needed after high dose insulin therapy is stopped, and a resource for studying intensive care topicsSep 29, 2016 Listen
124: Causes of fever in critically ill patientsSep 26, 2016 Listen
123: Impact of reported penicillin allergy, nafcillin and hyperbilirubinemia, and a resource for creating images for use in your ICU education materialsSep 22, 2016 Listen
122: Using analgosedation in critically ill patientsSep 19, 2016 Listen
121: andexanet-alpha-for-reversal-of-rivaroxaban-and-apixaban-cryptococcal-meningitis-treatment-and-pharmertoxguys-resourcesSep 15, 2016 Listen
120: Should critically ill patients with Legionella pneumonia receive double antibiotic coverage?Sep 12, 2016 Listen
119: Antibiotic exposure and infection with resistant organisms, repeat PCC dosing in rivaroxaban bleed patients, and an evidence-based healthcare resourceSep 08, 2016 Listen
118: How should dexmedetomidine be used in severe alcohol withdrawal?Sep 05, 2016 Listen
117: Factors associated with delay in antimicrobials in septic shock, what diltiazem dose to use in rapid AFib, and an ICU delirium resourceSep 01, 2016 Listen
116: Lord of the Penicillin (Allergy) DanceAug 29, 2016 Listen
115: Oral vancomycin prophylaxis for C. Diff, fentanyl fluconazole interaction, and a free drug information resourceAug 25, 2016 Listen
114: Three Productivity Hacks for Busy Hospital PharmacistsAug 22, 2016 Listen
113: Early vasopressin vs norepinephrine in septic shock, treatments for refractory reactive airway disease, and a resource for Pharmacy NationAug 18, 2016 Listen
112: Serotonin syndrome from linezolid plus fentanyl and the clinical relevance in critically ill patientsAug 15, 2016 Listen
111: PPIs increase the risk and severity of hospital-acquired CDiff, will IV lipids work for liposomal bupivacaine toxicity, and a resource to polish up your CVAug 11, 2016 Listen
110: Treatment of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci InfectionAug 08, 2016 Listen
109: Should high dose heparin be used to prevent VTE in obese patients, do the new quinolone warnings affect ICU patients, and a resource to help apply the new sepsis definitionsAug 04, 2016 Listen
108: Treatment of Drug-Induced TorsadesAug 01, 2016 Listen
107: Banana Bags in ICU Patients, Should Pharmacists Program And Start IV Pumps, and DailyMedJul 28, 2016 Listen
106: How Pharmacists Can Improve Their Working Relationships With PhysiciansJul 25, 2016 Listen
105: Voriconazole therapeutic monitoring, how long to continue CPR after IV push alteplase, and a free 30 day trial to Pharmacist s LetterJul 21, 2016 Listen
104: Updated IDSA HAP / VAP GuidelinesJul 18, 2016 Listen
103: Epinephrine increases mortality in cardiogenic shock, phenytoin induced hypothermia, and two pharmacology refresher resourcesJul 14, 2016 Listen
102: Dexmedetomidine to clonidine transitionJul 11, 2016 Listen
101: Propofol for toxin related seizures, whether to stop SSRIs in GI bleeds, and a critical care resourceJul 07, 2016 Listen
100: Critical Care Pharmacist Workflow And PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident OrientationJul 04, 2016 Listen
99: Guidelines on acute kidney injury in ICU, IV push antibiotics in sepsis, and a workflow diagram resourceJun 30, 2016 Listen
98: Is there a pro-ketamine bias in the FOAMed community?Jun 27, 2016 Listen
97: Sedative choice and infection risk, phentolamine vs terbutaline for extravasation, and crowd sourced medical lecture notesJun 23, 2016 Listen
96: Magnesium sulfate use in critical careJun 20, 2016 Listen
95: Ketamine blow darts, amiodarone and contrast media cross-sensitivity, and antibiotic breakpoint informationJun 16, 2016 Listen
94: Flumazenil. Huh! What is it good for? (Almost) Absolutely nothing! or Does flumazenil cause seizures in benzodiazepine overdose?Jun 13, 2016 Listen
93: High dose heparin for VTE prophylaxis, how much vitamin K to lower the INR, and a resource for anticoagulant lab assay interferenceJun 09, 2016 Listen
92: How to provide analgesia and sedation for the critically ill patient on buprenorphineJun 06, 2016 Listen
91: Imatinib for bleomycin lung toxicity, linezolid vs daptomycin for VRE bacteremia, and a resource for critical care drug dosing at extremes of body weightJun 02, 2016 Listen
90: 6 tips to help pharmacists respond to inpatient medical emergenciesMay 30, 2016 Listen
89: Bloodless anemia treatment, antibiotics for necrotizing pancreatitis, and alternative rock to teach pathophysiologyMay 26, 2016 Listen
88: Treatment of loperamide cardiac toxicityMay 23, 2016 Listen
87: Platelet transfusions may cause harm in ICH, why alteplase contraindications got changed, and a resource for learning how to recognize ECG rhythmsMay 19, 2016 Listen
86: Updated intravenous lipid emulsion in drug toxicity guidelinesMay 16, 2016 Listen
85: Earplugs for preventing ICU delirium, dextrose solutions in ischemic stroke, and a great way to get your drug information questions answeredMay 12, 2016 Listen
84: Chemical sedation for acute agitationMay 09, 2016 Listen
83: Pharmacodynamics of fluid challenge, why is epinephrine added to lidocaine for injections, and a resource to stay up to date with FDA medwatch alertsMay 05, 2016 Listen
82: Cyanide poisoningMay 02, 2016 Listen
81: Tigecycline for clostridium difficile, mycophenylate induced aveolar hemorrhage, and a warfarin dosing resourceApr 28, 2016 Listen
80: Phenytoin dosage, adjustment, and monitoringApr 25, 2016 Listen
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