Adriana Alexander - The Honour of Sharing : the Sharing of HonourJan 22, 2015 Listen
Bill Lubenow: Intellectual Societies: Intimacy and Knowledge in the 19th CenturyMay 13, 2014 Listen
Bjorn L. Basberg: Maynard Keynes and his Whaling AdventuresMay 26, 2015 Listen
David Jacques: Blick Mead: The Cradle of Stonehenge?May 13, 2014 Listen
Dr Alexi Baker: Technology, Tools, and Toys of Early Modern ScienceDec 18, 2014 Listen
Dr Amira Bennison: Architecture & Design in Medieval Morocco: the building strategies of the Marinid sultansMay 01, 2013 Listen
Dr Anna Upchurch: The Arts and Humanities Today: Re-framing the ‘value’ debateOct 16, 2013 Listen
Dr Ben Griffin: Fidgets, Scoundrels and Mummy's Boys: Performing Masculinity in the Victorian House of CommonsMar 12, 2014 Listen
Dr Dan Carter: Reform, Revolution, Reaction. Land and the indigenous question in Allende's ChileFeb 06, 2014 Listen
Dr David Taylor: Spectators at the Print Shop Window: Caricature and the Rhetoric of the GazeJan 22, 2014 Listen
Dr Glen Rangwala: The Aftermath of War: Iraq Ten Years OnFeb 26, 2013 Listen
Dr Justin Colson on London BridgeMar 05, 2015 Listen
Dr Lauren Arrington: Art, Empire, and Revolution: the Lives of Constance and Casimir MarkieviczMar 14, 2013 Listen
Dr Mary Laven: Wax, wood and narrative: the miraculous culture of Renaissance ItalyJun 10, 2014 Listen
Dr Michael C Scott: Best Seat in the House: viewing Greek history through its theatreFeb 19, 2013 Listen
Dr Nick Saville - Communications in a Globalised World: English is necessary but not sufficientNov 06, 2014 Listen
Dr Patricia Fara - Erasmus Darwin: Poet of ProgressOct 20, 2014 Listen
Dr Robert Amundsen - Ibsen's women on and off the stageFeb 23, 2015 Listen
Dr Rowan Williams - Mysticism and politics; some thoughts about St Teresa of AvilaFeb 25, 2015 Listen
Dr Suvi Salmenniemi: Neoliberalism, Socialism, and the Politics of KnowledgeFeb 26, 2014 Listen
Hugh Gault: C.R.Fay: The Differences between Making History and Writing ItDec 18, 2014 Listen
J. Lee Thompson: Un-Righteous Neutrality: Theodore Roosevelt and the Great War, 1914-1917May 30, 2014 Listen
Jennifer Davis: Trade (mark) Wars, 1860-1920: Sweatshops, the Retail Trade and the Meaning of Trade MarksMay 20, 2015 Listen
Laura Zucconi: Transgendered Copper Mining in the LevantJun 08, 2015 Listen
Louise Foxcroft : Calories and Corsets: 2000 years of diets and dietingNov 14, 2013 Listen
Philip Allott: 'The True Function of Education'Feb 13, 2014 Listen
Prof. Simon Goldhill: Sappho, Lincoln, & the American Senate: Picturing Female Desire in the 19th CenturyJun 18, 2013 Listen
Professor Bruce Berman: Culture, Politics, identity: how we know who we think we are May 22, 2013 Listen
Professor David Feldman - Israel and AntisemitismFeb 12, 2015 Listen
Professor David Maxwell: Zimbabwe since IndependenceMay 29, 2013 Listen
Professor David Runciman: Climate Change and Conspiracy Theory May 30, 2014 Listen
Professor Jerry White - Dickens during the Great WarNov 06, 2014 Listen
Professor Julius Lipner - Hinduism: the challenges of a polycentric approach to shaping our worldFeb 12, 2015 Listen
Professor Nigel Morgan: The Oldest Illustrated Book in Cambridge - a reconsideration of the St. Augustine GospelsJan 21, 2015 Listen
Professor Robin Cormack: “The nightingales won’t let you sleep in Platres”. Re-visiting the Greek PastOct 22, 2014 Listen
Professor Simon Blackburn: Brains, Science, and Human NatureFeb 19, 2013 Listen
Professor Sir Richard Evans: Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen and his "Diary of a Man in Despair": a conservative rebel in Hitler's GermanyMar 13, 2013 Listen
Professor Sir Richard Evans: Gender and Sexuality in Victorian EnglandMay 30, 2014 Listen
Professor Sir Tony Wrigley: Energy and the industrial revolution: opening Pandora's boxOct 23, 2013 Listen
Professor Tony Lentin: Rogue Judges - Rebels or Reformers? The Case of Sir Henry McCardieMar 05, 2014 Listen
Professor Warren Dockter - Churchill and the Islamic WorldApr 29, 2015 Listen
Robert Koepp - George Elliot and the Religion of Favourable ChanceMay 28, 2015 Listen
Simon Szreter: Social Security in Britain -cost or benefit ? A historical perspective on a 2015 general election issueMay 08, 2015 Listen