195 Felix Hartmann, Revolutionizing Modern Crowdfunding

Coming from a marketing and sales background, Felix was part of the founding teams behind the Next Gen Summit and Sup-X, where he ran the Marketing and Sales division. As a branding consultant, Felix worked with countless startups and has had #1 best selling product launches. A former trader, Hartmann is particularly excited about creating the most innovative Equity Crowdfunding Platform on the web.   When not running the show at FundThis as CEO, Hartmann is a rising fiction writer, who has been nominated for the Dragon Awards and dominated the Amazon Bestseller lists with his debut novel, Dark Age.   Felix’s Challenge; Get started. Set aside 1-2 hours in the next 48 hours to chase your dream. Cut out something less important.   http://www.goingdeepwithaaron.com/podcast   Connect with Felix Instagram Facebook Twitter Website   If you liked this interview, check out episode 119 with Robin Hanson where we discuss a potential future where humans and computers merge.

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