190 My Influences - An Exercise in Mapping Modular Mentorship

A friend of mine inspired me to do this episode. We were having coffee and I rattled off a few names of folks that I read or listened to and he hadn’t heard of a few of the names. He encouraged me to share my influences so that others could learn from their wisdom.   The point of the exercise is to hopefully enable you to discover new people to follow and learn from. So I’m not going to mention the countless individuals in my personal life who teach me the most.   If I did, my dad would be at the top of this list. There are many others who don't actively share their knowledge through media and prefer more private lives.   Systems Thinking Tyler Cowen, Dan Carlin, and Nassim Taleb   Business Ben Thompson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Warren Buffett, and Scott Galloway   Culture & Vision Venkatesh Rao & Taylor Pearson   Productivity David Allen & Tiago Forte   Health & the Natural World Adam Haritan   Learning and Reading Mike Dariano   Finance Barry Ritholtz, Josh Brown, Ben Carlson, and Michael Batnick.   I am also constantly on the hunt for more people from whom I can learn. Who are some of your biggest influences?

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