Presidential Pardons | Episode #143 | Election College: United States Presidential Election History

If you're like us, you've often wondered how the president gets away with pardoning people during their terms. Are all pardons the same? Does it get erased off of your permanent record after you're pardoned? Can you be pardoned for any crime? On this episode we talk about... what a pardon is and isn't, the differences between pardons, reprieves, and commutations, the first presidential pardon ever performed, where the president gets permission to pardon people, controversial pardons, a rejected pardon, requirements to be pardoned, and much more! Check out our detailed show notes at ________________________ Ready for your holiday party? Is it an ugly sweater party? Do you want to turn it into an ugly sweater party? We've got just the things for you... check out our store! __________________________ We recorded an audiobook! It’s about the letters between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr before their fateful duel. Get it for free with a 30 day Audible trial at or get it for only $3.99 with your Audible subscription! ___________________________ Support the show! Use this link to do your shopping on Amazon. It won't cost you a penny more and it will help us out! ________________________ Be sure to subscribe to the show! Leave us a review on iTunes - It really helps us out! Facebook  |  Twitter  | Instagram ________________________ Get a free month of Audible and a free audiobook to keep at ________________________ Music from: ________________________ Some links in these show notes are affiliate links that could monetarily benefit Election College, but cost you nothing extra. 

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