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EP 035: Randy and Janis Putelis talk "lethality index" and "animals v. targets"Jul 24, 2016 Listen
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EP 032: Randy and Mark Seacat swap elk hunting storiesJun 23, 2016 Listen
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EP 030: Randy talks elk hunting strategy, day-by-day, over a five-day huntJun 09, 2016 Listen
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EP023: Randy talks hunting issues with Greg Gianforte, Montana candidate for Governor.Mar 24, 2016 Listen
EP O22 - Randy visits with Janis Putelis and Nicole Qualtieri of MeatEaterMar 17, 2016 Listen
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EP 019: Randy Newberg talks equipment; a Podcast "Bag Dump"Feb 25, 2016 Listen
EP 018: Randy talks with Bruce Pettet and Tim Lesser from Leupold OpticsFeb 17, 2016 Listen
EP 017: Randy talks with Arnie Dood, Endangered Species expertFeb 11, 2016 Listen
EP 016: Randy Newberg talks with Lorenzo Sartini, President of goHUNT.comFeb 04, 2016 Listen
EP015: Randy Newberg explains the western state elk tag drawing systemsJan 28, 2016 Listen
EP 014: Randy Newberg talks with Corey Jacobsen, owner of Elk101.com and 8-time Elk Calling World Champion. Dec 31, 2015 Listen
EP 013: Randy Newberg talks with Dr. Don Thomas, prolific writer, hunter, and outdoorsmanDec 16, 2015 Listen
EP 012: Randy Newberg answers fan questionsDec 02, 2015 Listen
EP 011: Randy Newberg talks with Pat Harlin-one of the Best Hunters You've Never Heard of-and Hunt Talk Producer Dan DotyNov 20, 2015 Listen
EP 010: Randy Newberg answers public land questions with podcast producer Dan Doty.Nov 05, 2015 Listen
EP 009: Randy Newberg talks with conservationist Jim Pozewitz and podcast producers Dan Doty & Janis Putelis.Oct 21, 2015 Listen
EP 008: Randy Newberg talks with Charlie Decker & Bob Munson, the founders of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.Oct 08, 2015 Listen
EP 007: Randy Newberg talks with Ed Arnett, Senior Biologist at the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.Sep 24, 2015 Listen
EP 006: Randy Newberg talks with his production team: Troy Batzler, Loren Moulton, and Matthew Newberg.Sep 09, 2015 Listen
EP 005: Randy Newberg talks with guests Andrew McKean, editor-in-chief of Outdoor Life, and Hal Herring, contributing editor of Field and StreamAug 26, 2015 Listen
EP 004: Randy Newberg talks with Shane Mahoney, internationally renowned scientist, wildlife expert and conservationist, along with Hunt Talk podcast coordinator Janis Putelis. Aug 13, 2015 Listen
EP 003: Randy Newberg talks with David Brinker and Jeff Sposito of Sitka Gear, along with podcast producers Dan Doty and Janis Putelis. Jul 29, 2015 Listen
EP 002: Randy Newberg talks with Bernie Kuntz, a longtime friend and one of the best hunters nobody knows about, along with podcast producer Dan Doty. Jul 15, 2015 Listen