Crucible Radio 2 Ep. 132 - A New Year's Music Episode

Birds, Bones and Swain are back with another episode of the podcast for all things Destiny PvP. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on RSS / Discuss on the Playbook Happy New Year, Guardians! In our opinion, it's about time we stop giving 2017 any more attention. We're taking it easy this week to enjoy a bit of family time, but we'll be ready to dive back into Destiny next week and see where 2018 takes us. In the meantime, we wanted to celebrate the amazing artists and performers who have supplied the music over the past year, so this week's episode is a playlist of all our favorites from the last 52 episodes of Crucible Radio.  Tracklist:

Taking the Hourglass - Until The End
Empty Atlas - House Fire
HAWK - Ghosts
Scott's House - Your Worst Nightmare
Friend Group - Me Too
Odd Folks - Virginia Beach
Ten O'Clock Reservation - No Doubt
Goose Club - From the Start
Super Soul Bros - Aquatic Ruin Zone
PREFEKT - Seasons
Kung Foo Grip - Mic Check
PAGAN - Good Grief
Windowvine - The Zero Line
Confessions of a Traitor - Through Struggle Hope Will Anchor Our Souls
Sent By Ravens - Prudence Visit our Site / Follow us on Twitter / Listen on Stitcher Edited by Andrew Gomez  

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