Crucible Radio 2 Ep. 126 - A Very Bungie Thanksgiving feat. Jon Weisnewski and Claude Jerome

Birds, Bones and Swain are back with another episode of the podcast for all things Destiny PvP. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on RSS / Discuss on the Playbook Long awaited, finally here - part 1 of our first Bungie interview of D2!  Jon Weisnewski and Claude Jerome join us to discuss all things about the creation of D2: how the new subclasses and weapons like The Wardcliff Coil and Sunshot defined the early vision of the game the move to kinetic-energy-power slots and fixed rolls for weapons how subclass paths balance accessibility with deep gameplay options something game-changing about weapon archetypes that's been staring us in the face this whole time how pacing, teamwork and counterplay made space for new experiences in the Crucible also, what's the deal with High Caliber Rounds? Y'all, this was such a fun episode.  So much good stuff in here.  Stay tuned next week for part 2. Music this week by Friend Group Visit our Site / Follow us on Twitter / Listen on Stitcher Edited by Andrew Gomez

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