The Jack Wagner Interview

We're back. It's hard to explain what Jack Wagner does because while he does serious, important things, he is best known for basically fucking around on the internet. He runs a couple of very popular social media accounts including the Versace Tamagotchi Instagram and the "I play KORN to my DMT plants, smoke blunts all day & do sex stuff" Facebook. My homegirl Erin Jeen is friends with Jack and she got him in the studio with us for an incredibly in depth chat about what he does and much more. Enjoy and look for a ton of new interviews dropping soon. 01:00 Menstrual fluid 02:30 What do you do? 04:30 Pretending to be The Spin Doctors on Instagram 07:00 The meme game 09:30 Working in politics 10:50 JNCO 15:00 Do you fuck a lot 16:00 Pretending to be Whole Foods on Instagram and documenting a family of murderous coyotes 31:00 Trolling 34:00 Project Coyote Lies 36:20 Weird Facebook 42:00 The meme creative process 44:00 Pokemon Go strategy 47:00 Exercising in the hood 49:30 Dan Bilzerian 54:00 Guns and racism 1:06:00 Jack’s clothing line, 1:09:30 Directing music videos in the hood 1:13:00 Abstaining from social media 1:16:00 Doing pranks in high school 1:21:00 Tai Lopez is the biggest piece of shit on earth 1:23:30 #justtaketheL 1:27:30 Being a hardcore kid 1:33:30 Erin got choked out by a dude at a Taking Back Sunday show 1:39:00 We apply Curve cologne mid podcast 1:40:00 Lying to girls and your friends so you can be alone 1:44:30 Erin discovers a tampon on the ground 1:46:20 Jack analyzes the things in our bathroom 1:49:00 Diplo and Eskimo Cousins 1:54:00 Brink 1:59:00 Streetwear sucks 2:02:00 Milo 2:13:00 Everybody tweet at Dan Bilzerian and get him to do drugs with us --- No Jumper is The Coolest Podcast In The World. SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly:  Follow us on Soundcloud: and iTunes: and follow us on Social Media: follow Adam22 as well: and follow on Snapchat

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